Guest Announcement Michael Sorich 

Michael Sorich  voice actor, actor, writer, and voice director, who had several roles during the first 10 years of Power Rangers, with his most known roles being Squatt, Terror Toad, Pumpkin Rapper, Triskull, and Retinax. He would later return to the franchise to write wrote Power Rangers Super Samurai halloween episode Trickster Treat.

  • Digimon Adventure – Andromon, Zudomon, Elecmon, Evil Greymon, Tyrannomon, DarkTyrannomon
  • Digimon Adventure 02 – Zudomon, Andromon, Gennai (Jose), Tyrannomon, DarkTyrannomon
  • Digimon Tamers – Vikaralamon, Dobermon, Sinduramon’s Possessed Owl
  • Digimon Frontier – Elecmon, SkullSatamon, Neemon, Doggymon, Pandamon
  • Digimon Fusion – Deputymon, Damemon, Deckerdramon, Monitamon Elder, Machinedramon

• Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Squatt (as Michael J. Sorich), Terror Toad, Fang, Polluticorn, Pumpkin Rapper, Magnet Brain, Silver Horns, Pachinko Head, Doubleface, Vampirus, Hate Master, Crabby Cabbie, Barbaric Brothers (all minus Squatt are uncredited)

• VR Troopers – Woody Stocker, Decimator, Horrorbot, Tankatron, Vacbot, Zelton, Spitbot (substitute voice), Slice (first voice)

• Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads – Squatt

• Masked Rider – Doubleface, Fluffy

• Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live – Squatt

• Power Rangers: Zeo – Squatt (credited, as Michael J. Sorich), Boohoo the Clown, Wrecking Ball, Tough Tusks, Cog Changer(uncredited)

• Big Bad Beetleborgs – Mums (1st voice), Grenade Guy/Super Grenade Guy (voice)

• Power Rangers: Turbo – Shrinkasect, Voltmeister (uncredited)

• Beetleborgs Metallix – Roboborg (voice)

• Power Rangers: In Space – Elephantitan, Crocotoxes (uncredited)

• Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy – Quakemaker (uncredited 1st time, credited 2nd time), Onyx Auctioneer, Teksa (2nd appearance), Hardtochoke (2nd appearance)

• Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue – Birdbane, Triskull, The Gatekeeper

• Power Rangers: Time Force – Flamecon (uncredited), Brickneck

Power Rangers: Wild Force – Camera Org, Retinax, Artilla,  Locomotive Org

  • Naruto – Gamabunta, Choza Akimichi, Jirobo, Black Zetsu
  • Naruto: Shippuden – Gamabunta, Choza Akimichi, Jirobo
  • Bleach – Don Kanonji, Tessai Tsukabishi, Giriko Kutsuzawa, Fishbone D, Unnamed Soul

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